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AACP Top-Up Scheme & Insurance Options

All members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) are entitled to access the extra £5million limit of cover provided as a membership benefit. The additional limit is over and above the limits provided under the CSP’s PLI Scheme. The maximum payable on behalf of any one member remains at £10million in any period of insurance, and all claims under the AACP top-up scheme is capped at £10million in total. No top-up claims will be insured for amounts exceeding this limit in any one period of insurance. Please refer to the Q&A’s available as a download from this page for more information.

The Top-Up cover applies to claims first notified to members during the currency of the increased cover and arising from activities within the scope of physiotherapy practice from the date of joining AACP or 15th September 2011, whichever date is the latest.

As from 1 July 2016 acupuncture used for fertility treatment will be excluded.

Members that require their own individual top-up limits should go to www.graybrook.co.uk/top-up for more information

Optional Extra Covers

To ensure maximum protection, members might also be interested in the following:-

  • Cyber Crime & Liability Insurance
  • Locum Cover
  • Corporate, Clinical & Professional Liability Insurance (please go to www.graybrook.co.uk/business-liability for details and also see the download on this page 'Guide to CSP & Business Insurance' to assess your business insurance requirements)
  • Private Practice Insurance covering business assets, revenues and non-treatment liabilities (please go to www.graybrook.co.uk/private-practice for more information)
  • Criminal Defence Cover for healthcare professionals (please see www.graybrook.co.uk/defencecosts for details of this cost effective cover)
  • Management Liabilities (including Directors & Officers Liability insurance)
  • Members involved in non-physiotherapy activities should go to www.graybrook.co.uk/complimentary-therapy for details of separate insurance

Discounts available to AACP members

For more information on any of the above options please call one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185 or click here to send your enquiry by email