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Business Liability

Medical Liability Insurance for Physiotherapy and other Healthcare Businesses

Any business offering healthcare services will be legally accountable for the harm caused to patients by their employees, associates or others they engage on an independent or self-employed basis.

There are a number of options for physiotherapy businesses to insure their clinical negligence liabilities including (but not limited to) the following:-

  1. As from 1 July 2020 businesses comprising private limited companies or partnerships owned entirely by CSP members are now included within the CSP Member’s Medical Professional Liability insurance provided annual turnover does not exceed £75,000.  The cover is subject to the terms of the MPLC policy (details available from www.graybrook.co.uk/csp-members) in respect of claims arising only within the scope of physiotherapy practice resulting from the negligence of CSP members engaged in the business.  For more information please see the downloads available from this page including the MPLC Policy Wording, Summary of Cover and Business Liability Guide.  

    Important Note:   No Public Liability insurance is provided for private limited companies which must be separately arranged.  No cover is provided under this policy for activities outside the scope of Physiotherapy practice,  quotations for separate insurance are available on request.

  2. All other corporate entities including private limited companies and partnerships owned solely by CSP members with an annual turnover between £75,000 and £300,000 can purchase similar cover as an extension to the Member’s PLI scheme at discounted rates.  Application forms are available from the downloads on this page “Medical Professional Liability Application Form for private limited companies and partnerships owned by CSP members”.  In all cases cover does not include Public Liability insurance for private limited companies or non-Physiotherapy activities for which separate cover should be arranged, together with any other insurance appropriate to the business needs and requirements. 

  3. All other organisations and corporate entities including businesses offering non-physiotherapy services, can obtain quotations for a Medical Liability policy underwritten by RSA which includes Medical and Public Liability insurance combined. This policy is separate to the CSP PLI Scheme and is designed to provide liability cover which cannot be accommodated as an extension to the Members PLI Scheme. Quotations are available subject to completion of the on-line ‘Application Form’ available on this page. Copies of the Summary and Policy Wording are also available as downloads from this page under ‘RSA Summary of Cover’ and ‘RSA Policy Wording’ respectively.

Important Notes

  • The cover provided under options 1 and 2 is an extension to the Members PLI Policy currently underwritten by MPLC, a summary of which is available as a download from this page under ‘Summary of CSP Members PLI Cover’ together with the full Policy Wording ‘CSP Members Medical Professional Liability Policy’.

  • All applicants should refer to the ‘Guide to Insurance Cover and Options for Physiotherapy Businesses’ available as a download from this page prior to purchasing cover and obtain legal and insurance advice to ensure the appropriate cover for the business is purchased to meet its needs and requirements.

  • Applicants are requested to read our Terms of Business and Privacy Notice, both of which are available as downloads from this page.

Help and advice is available from our team of insurance advisors on 01245 321185 or by email enquiry@graybrook.co.uk.

Optional & Other Covers

Locum Cover

This insurance is particularly valuable to cover the temporary expense of replacing key members of the business as a result of injury/illness.

Private Practice Insurance

Members operating private clinics can insure the practice assets, revenues under a comprehensive package of covers which includes also Employers Liability, Public Liability, and a range of valuable Legal Expenses Insurance.

Criminal Prosecution Defence Cover

This new policy provides generous defence costs for healthcare professionals accused of inappropriate or criminal behaviour, with access to a 24/7 legal helpline as standard. Prices start from as low as £25 per year plus insurance tax.

Management Liabilities

Including Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices and Corporate Liability Insurance. Please call one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185 for details of cover available/

Cyber Crime & Liability Insurance

Cyber Crime can have a devastating impact on any business operating IT and internet platforms. Please call one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185 for details of cover available.