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Criminal Prosecution Defence Cover

Criminal Prosecutions

This new policy will appeal to Physiotherapists, Paramedics, and other Healthcare Professionals, and Educational Consultants who may have concerns that unfounded allegations of inappropriate or criminal behaviour whilst following their profession may adversely affect their career. The cover is equally suited to anyone employed in the public or private sector, or acting independently. Whilst the threat of Criminal Prosecution is remote, the consequences could be catastrophic and expensive to defend, as evidenced by recent cases of gross negligence manslaughter involving medical professionals.

Where the Policy can Help

This cover is not usually available under Medical Professional Liability policies or Fitness to Practise covers. This independent policy offers affordable insurance which includes

Access to a 24 hour Criminal Legal Services Helpline and
A choice of either £100,000 or £250,000 to cover the cost of specialist legal fees to defend prosecutions where there is a reasonable chance of an acquittal or significantly reducing any sentence or penalty

Claims Process

This policy is issued on a ‘claims made’ basis which means any claim must be notified during the currency of the policy and arise from incidents which occurred after the commencement of cover. It is important to notify insurers of any circumstances that may lead to potential prosecutions and follow the advice provided from their legal helpline or appointed solicitor.

Options and Costs

Limit of Cover
Annual Premium

Insurance Premium Tax at 10%

Administration Fee

Total Annual Cost

£100,000 in any period of insurance £10.00




£250,000 in any period of insurance £12.00 £1.20 £15.00 £28.20
Geographical Limits The policy covers incidents which have arisen or prosecutions brought within the United Kingdom of Great Britain or Northern Ireland only, excluding Isle of Man and the Channel Islands

This insurance is only available to applicants with a valid email address.

To Purchase

Please read the policy summary and wording both available as a download from this page, select the limit of cover required, complete the Application Form, and submit with payment. No cover will be confirmed until payment is received and applications approved. Individual schedules and policies will be issued by email only confirming the commencement date and policy cover.

This scheme is managed by Graybrook Insurance Brokers Limited on behalf of Abbey Legal Protection Limited, and underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited. Graybrook Insurance Brokers Limited are Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Registered Number 595238.