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Legal Defence Cover for MACP Members

The Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists provide Criminal Prosecution Legal Defence cover as a benefit of membership. A Summary of Cover is available as a download from this page.  

Key Features

  • Access to 24/7 Legal helpline
  • Legal defence fees up to £100,000
  • Covers prosecutions brought against members in the United Kingdom (excluding prosecutions brought in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man)
  • MACP membership necessary at the date of incident and date of claim

Full details of the terms and conditions including claim notification procedures are contained in the policy documents available as a download from this page

Optional Covers

PLI Top-Up Option

CSP Members may increase their own Individual level of Medical Professional Liability cover from £7.5 million to £10 million on application.


Business Liability Insurance

Available to corporate entities including partnerships or private limited companies to cover clinical negligence claims arising from the provision of Healthcare services. See also ‘Guide to CSP & Business Insurance’ available as a download from this page.

Private Practice Insurance

Members operating private clinics can insure the practice equipment and revenues under a comprehensive package of covers which include Employers and Public Liability Insurance.

Locum Cover

This insurance is particularly valuable to cover the temporary expense of replacing key members of the business as a result of injury/illness.

Cyber Crime & Liability Insurance

Covers the consequences of data theft or system failures due to hacking. Please enquire for more information and application form. Telephone 01245 321185 or email enquiry@graybrook.co.uk




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