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Insurance for Physio First Members

Physio First members can access a range of specialist Insurance products specifically designed to protect members in private practice. Some of our key policies include:

Top-Up Insurance (www.graybrook.co.uk/top-up)
Following the termination of the Physio First top-up cover, members may now increase their own personal level of cover to £10 million for an annual premium of just £304.92 inclusive of insurance tax. Details and application form available here

Private Practice Insurance (www.graybrook.co.uk/private-practice)
Members operating private clinics can insure the practice equipment and revenues under a comprehensive package of covers which includes also Employers Liability, Public Liability, and a range of valuable Legal Expenses Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (www.graybrook.co.uk/business-liability)
The CSP’s PLI scheme is designed for the benefit of individual members rather than corporate businesses. Clinics trading as a Partnership or Private Limited Company should assess their liability insurance needs and purchase separate cover where appropriate. The information leaflet ‘Guide to CSP & Business Insurance’ helps identify the liability covers needed, a copy of which can be downloaded from this page

Locum Cover (www.graybrook.co.uk/locum)
This insurance is particularly valuable to cover the temporary expense of replacing key members of the business as a result of injury/illness

Cyber Crime & Liability Insurance
Cyber Crime can have a devastating impact on any business operating IT and internet platforms. Please call one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185 for details of cover available

Criminal Prosecution Defence Cover (www.graybrook.co.uk/defencecosts)
This new policy provides generous defence costs for healthcare professionals accused of inappropriate or criminal behaviour, with access to a 24/7 legal helpline as standard. Prices start from as low as £25 per year plus insurance tax

For help and advice on any of the above products please speak to one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185