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Private Practice Insurance for Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics

Date: 27/05/2020

Company Information
Our business insurance is specifically designed for Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics, which ensures you receive tailored cover to safeguard your business.

You should refer to the policy prospectus for full details of the insurance cover and options

A separate application is available for Professional & Medical Liability Insurance to cover treatment risks.
Location(s) to be insured (all locations must comply to minimum security conditions below)
It is a condition of this policy that each premises are secured to the following minimum security standards with regard to locks on doors and windows. If your premises do not match these criteria they must be brought up to the following minimum level within 30 days of cover commencing

Final exit doors must be secured as follows:
• Timber doors – by mortice deadlocks having five or more levers or conforming to BS3621 with matching boxed striking plate
• Aluminium doors – by cylinder mortice lock operating a swinging lock bolt
• PVC doors – by key operated multi point locking devices having three or more locking points
• The first closing leaf of double leaf doors must be fitted internally with bolts to and bottom

All other external doors and internal doors leading to common areas or other premises must be secured:
• By means set out above
• By key operated security bolts fitted top and bottom

All opening windows or roof lights accessible from the ground via roofs, pipework or other structures must be secured by key operated locking devices or screwed permanently shut

Any security measures stipulated or agreed by Aviva in writing

If you can not comply with these requirements, please contact us with details and we will either specify alternative security devices or arrange for a surveyor from Aviva to visit your premises. Any door or window officially designated as a fire exit by the Fire Authority is excluded from the above requirements

If you have more than five locations to be insured in total, please contact one of our specialist advisers on 01245 321185
Additional Location 1 (all locations must comply to minimum security conditions)
Additional Location 2 (all locations must comply to minimum security conditions)
Additional Location 3 (all locations must comply to minimum security conditions)
Additional Location 4 (all locations must comply to minimum security conditions)
Employers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance with a limit of Indemnity £10 Million any one occurrence is included within the policy as standard
The Employers PAYE reference number is usually in the format of either NNN/Aannnnn or NNN/Annnnn, where N/n is a number and A/a is a letter (e.g. 012/Ab34567)
Public Liability Insurance with a limit of Indemnity of £5 Million any one event (in aggregate for Product Liability claims) is included within the policy as standard.
Please Note

This policy does not cover treatment risks or provide cover for Professional or Medical Liabilities (a separate application is available on request or as a download from our website)
Levels of Cover to be insured
Please insert the sum to be insured for each type of cover required based on new replacement values for all locations to be insured

Business Interruption / Loss of Income

The policy includes Gross Revenue to a sum of £500,000 for a maximum period of 12 months as standard
Optional Covers
If selected please confirm that you have:

(i) No reason to doubt the honesty of any employee
(ii) Accounts balanced and checked by a professional auditor at least annually
(iii) All cheques issued with two signatures for values over £5,000 unless the sole signatory controls more than a 5% interest or share in the company

If Yes, please confirm the annual number of days travel for:
If selected you must be able to confirm that:

(i) Trips undertaken and declared to us are of a business nature only and not personal holidays
(ii) To the best of your knowledge, all foreseeable and envisaged business trips have been declared to us
(iii) All employees who undertake business trips are in good health and are not undertaking the trip against the advice of their doctor

If selected you must be able to confirm that all persons to be insured for Personal Accident Cover:

(i) Are in good health and free from any physical defect or infirmity
(ii) Have not suffered any accident(s) or illness(es) during the last 3 years which kept them away from work for more than 14 days, consecutive or otherwise
Claims Declaration
If Yes, please provide the following details for each claim

- Claim Date
- Claim Details
- Amount
Disclosure of Material Facts Declaration
Declaration It is essential that every proposer or insured when seeking a quotation, taking out or renewing an insurance policy, reveals to the prospective insurers any material facts or information (including any material circumstances or change in circumstances) which might influence the judgement of insurers in fixing the premium or determining whether they will accept the risk. Failure to do so may render the contract of insurance voidable from inception at the option of the insurers and potentially invalidate claims. If you have any doubt as to what constitutes a material fact or circumstance, please seek our advice.
Please read the following statements carefully and indicate acceptance below:

- No premises to be insured are vacant

- All premises to be insured are within the sole occupancy of the Proposer or otherwise occupied only as Offices, Surgeries, Healthcare Clinics, Fitness Centres or Private Dwellings

- The proposers portion(s) of any building involving multiple occupancy can be locked to prevent access

- No proposer, director, partner or family member involved with the business has ever has a proposal declined, renewal refused, insurance cancelled or special terms applied

- No proposer, director, partner or family member involved with the business has ever been convicted of or charged (but not yet tried) or been given an Official Police Caution in respect of any criminal offence other than a motoring offence

- No proposer, director, partner or family member involved with the business has ever:
1) been declared bankrupt or insolvent
2) been the subject of a County Court Judgement, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, a Company Voluntary Arrangement or a Sheriff Court Decree or
3) been disqualified from being a company director
- Are there any planned mergers or any that have taken place in the last 3 years involving the proposer

- Are there any redundancies envisaged in the next 12 months

- Are there any current disputes involving employees or businesses with which the proposer has a contract

Please note that cover will not commence until our quotation has been issued and accepted.
Please acknowledge acceptance of the following:
Important Information

Personal Data
The insurer for policies underwriting this scheme is Aviva Insurance Limited. The scheme is administered on their behalf by Graybrook Hallam.

To arrange and administer your policy Aviva Insurance Limited and Graybrook Hallam will hold and use information supplied by you, in accordance with U.K. Data Protection Laws and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Full information and your rights about the personal data we collect and process can be found in our Privacy Notice which is available on request and online at www.graybrook.co.uk. A copy of the Privacy Notice will also be included in your quotation/renewal pack.
Unless you select one of these options we will not be able to send information on any of our other insurance policies or services.
We will not sell or pass your information to other organisations for marketing purposes.
CUE - Insurers pass information to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange register, run by Insurance Database Services Limited (IDS Ltd). The aim is to help us to check information provided and also to prevent fraudulent claims. When we deal with your request for insurance, we may search the register. When you tell us about an incident which may or may not give rise to a claim, we will pass information relating to it to the register. You can ask for more information about this.

IPT - Insurance Premium Tax
The Finance Act 1994 requires us to levy Insurance Premium Tax at the prevailing rate on insurance premiums. For further information, please ask us.

The parties to the policy have the right to choose the law applicable to the Policy. Unless the parties agree otherwise English Law shall apply

This scheme is administered By
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Graybrook Hallam is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No. 595238

And underwritten By
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