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CSP Professional Liability Insurance Individual Top-Up Cover

As a member of the CSP you are insured up to a limit of £5million in respect of any claim arising from work undertaken within the Scope of Physiotherapy Practice. The cover is subject to the terms of the Medical Professional Liability policy issued by MPLC, a copy of which is available as a download from this page.

Members may apply to increase their individual level of cover to £10million any one claim by completing and submitting the application form on this page.

What is the annual cost of Top-Up cover?

£284.70 including insurance premium tax (discounted rates apply for applications received after the 1st October each year). All policies expire annually on the 30th June (individual renewal invitations will be sent each year prior to expiry) )

Who should apply?

You must be a CSP member and working with patients where you consider the standard limit may be insufficient for your needs. As an example you could be working in Professional Tennis, F1, Rugby, or other elite sports or be involved in the treatment of Professional Dancers or other patients of high net worth.

Treatment of Professional Footballers

The CSP's PLI policy and Top-Up covers contain significant exclusions relating to claims arising from the treatment of International Footballers, or Professional Footballers over the age of 16 years contracted to any club in the top two divisions of Professional Football leagues (see download on this page for details of the full exclusion wording).

Acupuncture used for Fertility Treatments

Excluded from 1st July 2016

When does the extra cover apply?

To claims first reported during the period of increased cover arising from work undertaken from the date of purchase. If extra cover is no longer required (e.g. when members retire or cease to practice) run-off options are available to continue increased cover, otherwise the standard CSP limit will apply to claims from previous work, subject to currency and the terms and conditions of the policy.

I Trade as a Business - will the increased limit still apply?

Only if you practice as a Sole Trader/Independent Practitioner, otherwise the Business should apply for separate cover (please click here for details)

See the options below for insurance relating to businesses operating with the United Kingdom or for non-Physiotherapy activities.

Private Practice Insurance

Click here for information about general insurance for physiotherapy & sports injury clinics

Business Liability Insurance

Click here for details of liability insurance for Limited Companies and Partnerships

Non Physiotherapy Insurance

Click here for details of insurance for non-Physiotherapy activities

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